Zen Toys on my Home Office Desk

I’d always aspire to have a feng-shui home office. As it’s on a mezzanine, a small open space that hosts hour big wardrobe too, there weren’t many options on how to furnish it.

So, thinking about it as an opportunity rather than a limitation, I decided to go big on decoration. On my desk, or around it, there’s no lack of natural light, purifying plants, inspirational pictures, and what I like to call zen toys!

Besides always keeping my desk free of clutter (as feng-shui imposed), I follow the Bagua map as much as I can. There’s a vase with lucky bamboo in the plant space, family pictures, and this inspirational artwork placed in the creativity area. I can’t help but loving the bright colors and the harmonious shapes.

One of my favorite items is undoubtedly my feng shui desktop gong, which is basically just a smaller version of a regular gong that can be beautifully placed in any room, but I really like the feeling of having it on my workstation. I think it’s a really funny piece of furniture, even though when I look at it I can’t see it as a decoration, rather than a needed object.

Gongs have always been associated with wealth hence their construction techniques have been kept secret for centuries. I keep mine in the prosperity area, together with my plants, and it’s a great reminder for day-by-day mindfulness. I like to play it when I start working and it really shakes me up when I find my mind hanging around and not concentrating on work.


It’s a great gift as it really can be placed in any room and your friends kids will simply love it! Whether you want to keep your friends with kids, you may opt for a silent zen garden.

there’s no lack of natural light, purifying plants, inspirational pictures, and what I like to call zen toys!

Desktop zen gardens are a lovely home decoration and really add a peaceful feeling to every room. They are a sort of dry landscape made of sand, rocks, miniatures and may also include bushes and water. Zen gardening may be beneficial to meditation and monks used to rake garden as a way to increase their concentration.

What I really love about zen gardens is their fluidity, the never-ending patterns, and the huge sense of freedom, as you can really do whatever you want with it. Rocks can virtually take any meaning you give them and are the focal points of the garden. Around them, you may want to create sand patterns while placing other statues and decoration.



There should be no rigid rules with Zen gardens as you’re… well, playing! Look for harmony in the composition, but try to avoid straight lines or symmetrical patterns. Search for diversity when choosing the rock and, most of everything, don’t fear to change it all and start back.

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