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Yoga & Meditation

People usually associate yoga with the concepts of body movement, while meditation is seen more as pure still mindfulness. In this category, however, you can browse products both related to yoga and meditation. The reason is that we, at HappilyZen.co, firmly believe in the deep linking between mind and body, so if one of them hurts, the other one can't be healthy either.

Regarding yoga related items you'll find different proposals, such as nonslip yoga mats, backbend wheels, pillows, and blocks. As for meditation, we thought about what can ease your daily practice and conscious sitting, or standing or walking.

Meditation, just as yoga, as many different branches and we always recommend a personal approach and soft outlook rather than rigid rules. Do you enjoy singing bowl? We have them. And what about a small desktop gong to catch that initial focus? Just scroll the page up. You just discovered that mala beads are a good fit for your meditation style? Guess what.

Our future plans include adding some courses and video lessons in our catalog so, stay tuned!

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