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Spiritual Gifts

"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you." Those powerful words by Joyce Meyer are like a mantra for us at HappilyZen.co. We firmly believe in the power of a smile and being happy, whether that may translate in a path of spiritual awakening, loud music, meditation, yoga, your pets, a colorful 7 chakra dreamcatcher, a good walk alone or... a hearted gift to someone you love!

Receiving a present makes us feel special and buying a well-thought gift for someone is even more rewarding. This category aspires to bring the act of giving away, even a step further; you can buy something that's useful to make the life of people you love easier, but what if you can make their life more meaningful? That's way much better!

Everyone needs an elephant coffee mug, but what about a singing bowl set for that friend who just started with meditation? Or a small desktop gong for your sister, who is desperately looking to improve her focus? And what about that colleague really stressed out these weeks? We all know the therapeutic effects of coloring books to reduce anxiety, so our mandala coloring pages for adults maybe the perfect way to say "I care about you".

Whether is for a friend or entirely for yourself a spiritual gift is a good way to express love.

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