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Mandala Textiles

Mandalas are beautiful shapes that inspire mindfulness and speak directly to our hearts, so there's no surprise that many people want to draw, color, design and... hang mandala all around the house. The beautiful regular pattern is a great match for most kind of textiles such as tablecloth, linen, carpet, bedding sets or even the more resistant wall hangings.

Mandala textiles are colorful and hypnotizing designs that bring a totally new atmosphere in your home. Most of them can be adapted to fit your decoration needs and your creativity, as they are soft and smooth. Their patterns are well-known to ease focus and further a higher state of meditation.

We, at HappilyZen.co, have created this category for all the mandala aficionados out there (you can thank us later!), so take your time to look at the beach towels, the pillow covers, and the vibrant chakra carpet. No rush needed!

We allowed ourselves to add a little spice to the mandala textiles products and couldn't give up on some traditional zen and Buddhist design. Amongst the design, you'll find buddha's head, elephant, meditating monks and some stirring swirl.

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