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The link between spirituality and jewelry has been widely explored throughout history. Hunters in prehistoric time used to wear adornments such as collar, bracelet or anklets made of bones and shells thinking they gods will be on their side during the hunting. Spirituality could mean something very different to each one of us, but wearing jewelry to express our religion, or to be better connected with our inner self is something that combines us all, both men and women.

Many people obtain great tangible benefit from wearing healing crystal or gemstone. These benefits include allowing the person to attract Chaitanya or divine consciousness, while some others are more helpful in giving protection from negative energies and vibes. From our experience, with a holy necklace on, people get a more stable, calm and restful body and mind.

Rotating rings are a great help in your daily meditation when reciting mantras, and in the same way mala beads, also know as hindu rosary, prevent you from losing count. Think about it: a zen jewelry, such as a pair of mandala earrings or a chakra bracelet can be a welcome gift for a special one or just for yourself!

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