How to Start with Chakra Meditation

You heard about chakra. I’m sure you also heard about meditation before. So how they do combine each other?

When I tried to approach meditation for the first time, had been difficult for me to get oriented on so many styles and theories. If you search online as a beginner I’m sure, you’ll get confused too. Meditation, mindfulness, Zazen, new age, transcendental, walking meditation and many others. How to choose? If you are just getting started and like visual presentation, you may find this infographic very helpful.

From a chakra perspective, meditation is about balancing their energy (individual or as a whole entity) to enjoy a better mental and physical wellness. Every chakra has its own manifestation of being unbalanced or blocked, and with practice and a better understanding, you’ll learn how to work on each chakra separately. So, why opt for a chakra meditation instead of anything else? Chakras hold a key to improve your vitality on a very subtle, yet incredibly powerful level.

7 Energy Wheels in our Spine

chakra meditation

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates as “wheel” and there are 7 located in our body. Think of them as spinning circles in which your energy pass through. Those energy centers are able to affect your spiritual, physical and emotional power, as they form the connection system in which your body, mind, and spirit meet. If you’re aiming to improve your balance and inner strength probably you should start from here!

Chakras are located in the human body, where each one corresponds to a specific hormonal gland and emotional ability. They are influenced by our everyday life therefore keep them balanced should be a recurring activity.

The main 7 chakras are:

Crown chakra – Muladhara
Third Eye chakra – Svadisthana
Throat chakra – Manipura
Heart Chakra – Anahata
Solar Plexus Chakra – Vishuddha
Sacral Chakra – Ajna
Root Chakra – Sahasrara

Getting Ready for Meditation

Find a place in your house where you feel pleased and make sure you won’t be interrupted or disturbed by noise.

Start with a comfortable seated position and keep your spine firm but relaxed. There are many positions to choose from as explained, just go with the one it feels more comfortable in.

Lighting incense during your chakra meditation or using crystals for each of the chakras is helpful to bring the right energy and vibe when balancing the chakras.

chakra meditation candle


Close your eyes and start relaxing your body, from the hand to the feet. Focus on small part at the time and feel the relaxation as flowing in your body as a fluid. Feel it going down your shoulder and slowly passing through your to your arms, hands, fingers.

Let it go of any tension and stress you had throughout the day. Feel your stomach and belly becoming lighter as you breathe in and out: imagine the air coming to your body acting as a cleaning power, where every breath out brings the negative energies away from you. Keep going down, until your whole body is relaxed and the breath is regular.

Chakra Visualization

Once you finished the relaxation, you can start visualizing every chakra starting from the root, or Sahasrara, located at the base of your spine and then going up until the head chakra, or Muladhara.

See every vortex spinning clockwise and imagine the air you breathe in giving energy to each point you are working on. Notice how the energy flows through it and pay attention to your feelings. Stay on every single point for how long you feel is necessary. Don’t rush and try to maintain a mindful attitude during the process. Some may take longer than others, and that’s absolutely fine because you’re starting to heal and unblock them. Enjoy the peace that comes to you from meditating in this way, and remember that the more you practice the easier it’ll be.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and take some time to enjoy the emotions and feelings that come from the experience you’ve just had. Feel gratitude for yourself to have found the time to do it.

Now pay attention to your body and your emotion. Does it feel any better? Let us know in the comments.


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