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We live busy lives. We are constantly online and our modern jobs force us to stay up to date in a fast-changing world. And this is stressful! It is particularly important that our homes become the place where we can feel totally relaxed and connected to our inner self. Most of the time, we can't change the house structure or move it in another neighborhood... but still, we can decide to make it more zen.

The feng shui principles have been really popular for a while, but what does zen really means? It usually refers to meditation and talking about home décor it reflects balance, harmony, and relaxation.

The most important factors are lighting, de-clutter your spaces and place some decoration in the right place. Some of this decoration includes air purifying plants, which are really important for clear the indoor air and fill it with oxygen!

Some others cures are: - a classical symbol that has been used for centuries, such as the dragon turtle, the laughing Buddha, and the Dragon. - a symbol that is an expression of the 5 elements, mostly used in modern feng shui applications - a symbol that is specific to you and brings good vibes. Whether you are new or an expert in zen home décor, enjoy the ride!

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