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Miniatures & Statues

According to a well-known legend, “if you rub the Buddha's belly, you'll experience luck”. Do you think is it true? We can't be 100% sure but we like to think so. Having a Buddha's statue in your home or office can really affect the mood, whether you are looking for more balance, inner peace, mindfulness or, why not, luck.

The feelings one is getting out of a statue or miniature is very personal. Although it's true that there are some standards, we really like to support the differences amongst personal path, lifestyle, and mind frame. You don't really need to practice Buddhism, knowing all the different types of sutras, or place your statue applying Feng-shui rules to enjoy a fine piece of home décor.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, Buddha's statues can be very helpful for your daily meditation as they foster focus and awareness. Keep in mind that every pose, followed by hand gesture, has its own meaning and could be fun going through each of them!

In this category, you'll find many subjects such as miniatures monk, Ganesh, laughing Buddha that come in different sizes and materials. On top of this, some miniatures are not just lovely but functional too, as the Buddha's head candle holder or the smoking dragon incense burner.

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