Are Zen Jewelry Any Good for Meditation?

Meditation is a practice that doesn’t require anything. Take some time, a quiet place, your attention and intent… and you’re good to go. Some minor helper though may guide us in taking the first steps. Think about music, chanting a mantra, singing bowls, a candle or a focus object. Meditation jewelry works in the same supportive ways.

Zen jewelry are usually made from natural material, like wood, and earthed material such as natural stones, crystals, and precious metals. Matters are really important as you want to avoid chemical coloring and synthetic components.



It’s no secret that how we dress can significantly influence our mood and behavior: your outfit can make you a better thinker or a harder trainer. In the same way accessories and jewelry stay with us all day long. Some could remind you to be present “here and now”, other can prompt you to switch mood after a tough morning at work. Some other can just instill a sense of inspiration and motivation, being aesthetically pleasing.


What I like to do when I find a jewel that’s special to my heart is create an anchor point, which is a connection created to anchor a positive feeling through a gesture, during meditation practice. When repeating the same action in regular life it’s easy to recover that positive sentiment, whether it’s a state of emotional well-being or mental enhancement or simply a deep state of calm.

There are almost endless possibility to choose from, mandala earrings, chakra bracelets, aromatherapy necklaces, mala beads and crystals truly play a big role in it. Healing crystals can be kept in their natural shapes or set into zen gems jewelry. Whether you choose, those work as great energy conductor allowing negative, harmful vibes to flow out of your body.



Mala beads have been traditionally used since the 10th century and beads come in exact number: 19, 21, 27 54 or 108 beads. Depending on the length of your mala jewelry you can wear them as bracelet or necklace. Their main purpose is to keep count of the mantra repetition, that’s why is often referred to as Hindu rosary. By connecting with one bead at the time, mental focus tends to increase aided by the physical touch.

So to wrap it up, are yoga jewelry helping you? It turns out to be true for me. They are like one piece of the big puzzle: when everything else is aligned and in harmony they may give a significant aid. How about you? Let us know in the comment!


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